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My name is Beth Bailey, and I work for GSSEM Council as a Community Specialist. I grew up in Girl Scouts, and had an amazing Cadette/Senior troop (there were no Ambassadors back then!). We went to England for a WAGGS conference, went White Water Rafting, and even spent the night in a Cave.



Community 03- Troop 70543

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My name is Kristy Brandon, and I am a co-Leader of Troop 70543.  We are a Junior troop at Springfield Plains Elementary.  We are starting our 3rd year as a Troop!  We have a great group of girls and very supportive families, we feel very lucky :-)  I'm excited to see updates to the website, like this forum and an easy to use calendar.  It's so exciting to see lots of excitement in SE MI around Girl Scouts!  It has been so fulfulling to see our Troop grow and mature as not only Girl Scouts, but also as individuals and leaders.


Wanted! Leaders!

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Please allow me to introduce myself as the Troop Organizer Coach for Community 1003 (Detroit & Highland Park); Co-leader Troop 43550 (Hartford Memorial Baptist Church), and Co-leader Troop 72264 (Bates Academy, a Detroit Public School).  I have served as an adult volunteer for approximately nine years; and, I have experienced so much joy helping females to become leaders that I want you to join in the fun!  

Please contact me for details.You'll make new friends!



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