Leader Training

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Does anyone know about program level specific leader training being offered? I remember seeing Daisy leader training when we started our troop last year, but we were too overwhelmed at the time to take advantage of it and now it seems to be gone. We were also interested in the GS Traditions/Songs training but I don’t see that offered anywhere either. Maybe I'm not looking in the right spot??


Leader Training

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Hello Jeep Girl!  Thank you for your willingness to learn more about available training at GSSEM!  In July 2013, we began a major revision of our training design to update materials and to meet the needs of our volunteers.  Please click http://www.gssemhub.org/content/volunteer-learning-opportunities to see a complete list of classes that are available now.  Instead of grade level courses, we are offering Journey Focus: Hands on Investigation.  I think you will find this is a great way to explore the Daisy (or any grade level) Journey books.  We have not yet completed a new GS Traditions/Ceremonies/Songs .... but I can give you a sneak preview.  Go to YouTube.com and search for Girl Scout Songs and Girl Scout Ceremonies.  You will find literally hundreds of videos to help you and your girls learn songs and ceremonies!



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