placing a Kindergarten girl in scouts

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I received a call from my daughters school secretary, she has a Kindergarten girl that is interested in joining scouts. Whom should I have her parent contact to place her in a troop? Thanks, Crystal


Placement Help

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Hi Crystal-

Great question! In many cases, the answer is 'it depends'. Do you happen to know what school the girl attends? If there is a Troop Organizer at the school the TO would be able to place her in at Troop. If there is no TO (or you don't know how to get in touch with her), contacting the Troop Support Specialist is a great option.

You can find information about each Community Support team on the Community page under "Contacts" (on the left hand menu, under 'About Us'). The Community's Troop Support Specialist is the first name listed. I've included a direct link to the Community 10 contacts page:

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Troop Organizer

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If you have a troop organizer at your school that is a good place to start - what school is it, what community?  You could also refer them to the website but it would be better for recruiting to have someone contact her directly.





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